MakerFest 2023

Explore Our Exclusive Kids’ Workshop Zone for Children Under 7, where they can partake in entertaining and educational workshops. Over the course of two days, 25th and 26th November 2023 from 9am to 5pm, we’ll offer a range of engaging activities:

  1. Kaleidoscope: Children can get hands-on with this optical toy, creating beautiful patterns that introduce them to the world of colors and shapes, fostering early learning.

  2. Origami: Unlock the art of paper folding as kids craft intricate sculptures through precise folds, promoting creativity and fine motor skills.

  3. Tangram: Challenge young minds with the classic puzzle game that encourages spatial awareness and problem-solving skills as they arrange geometric shapes into specific patterns.

  4. Ponginator: Experience the thrilling fusion of ping-pong and precision as children aim to bounce ping-pong balls into target areas for endless fun and improved hand-eye coordination.

The MakerLab Secondary School Program: Unleash Innovation!

In this dynamic 6-month program, students from MakerLab secondary schools take on the exciting Instructables Project. Teams of four students each are guided by industry and PSC mentors throughout the project’s development. It all begins with project selection from a provided list. Once selected, students acquire materials and follow instructions diligently to bring their innovative products to life.

The journey culminates at MakerFest 2023, alongside PISF 2023, where completed projects compete for top recognition. School teams showcase their creations to esteemed judges, and the Instructables Project Champion is announced at the PISF 2023 award ceremony on November 26 at SPICE ARENA Stage.

Projects are also open to public voting for two coveted People’s Choice Awards. Join us in celebrating innovation and young talent!

Unleash Your Inner Engineer with the Advanced MakerLab 4X4 RC Car Challenge!

Join our captivating 6-month program designed for Advanced MakerLab Schools, where students get to build and race their very own 4X4 RC cars along a custom obstacles track, all built from the ground up. Through hands-on experience, students dive into the world of mechanics, electronics, coding, and physics, using their school’s MakerLab resources to craft their unique 4X4 RC cars.

The ultimate test awaits at Makerfest 2023, where students will flaunt their skills navigating a challenging course. The coveted top prize for the ultimate 4X4 will be determined based on speed, control, and durability, promising an exhilarating competition for all participants.

All completed 4X4s are eligible for entry into three thrilling competitions:

  1. Rampage Rumble Challenge: An adrenaline-pumping obstacle course featuring over 30 expertly designed tracks by PSC, plus 2 ingeniously crafted by students themselves.

  2. Drift & Dash Challenge: An exciting high-speed race to victory.

  3. People’s Choice Track: The ultimate winner is decided by public visitors through a voting system, where some lucky members of the public can even take the wheel and experience the specially designed obstacle course.

Join us for the grand finale at the PISF 2023 award ceremony on November 26th, center stage at the SPICE ARENA, where the winners of these thrilling 4X4 competitions will be revealed. Don’t miss the chance to witness the future engineers and innovators in action!

Celebrating STEM Excellence at MakerFest STEM Project Booth

Join us at MakerFest STEM Project Booth, a competition with a primary mission of nurturing and inspiring participation in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The top 30 projects from each of the following categories:

  1. Young Makers: Teams with participating members under 12 years old.
  2. Open category: Teams with participating members over 13 years old.

These projects are invited as Finalists to showcase their remarkable work on the grand stage at MakerFest STEM Project Booth during PISF 2023.The are 53 finalist teams hail from 9 states in Malaysia and 2 finalist teams joining us from Singapore, all vying for top awards.

Their unwavering dedication, ingenious solutions, and commitment to STEM will be celebrated and acknowledged during the 2-day Award Ceremony at the prestigious SPICE ARENA Stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the future of STEM innovation in action!

PSC MakerFest Soldering Badge Workshop: Ignite Innovation!

Prepare to be immersed in the world of innovation at the PSC MakerFest Soldering Badge Workshop.
Our student volunteers are ready to dazzle you with their soldering skills and showcase their remarkable school projects.

Join us and dive headfirst into the realm of STEM creativity, expertly guided by these budding engineers. Experience the power of innovation and witness the incredible projects these students have brought to life. This is your chance to be inspired by the future of STEM!

No registration is required for the public. You’re invited to join our workshops and exhibitions at SPICE Arena and Concourse from 9 AM to 5 PM. Feel free to drop by at your preferred time.

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